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White Collar Criminal Defense in New York

Grand jury investigations and trials of allegations of white collar crimes, such as, for example, securities fraud, tax evasion, bribery, mail and wire fraud, embezzlement and cybercrime are very complex and require legal representation by an experienced and recognized specialist. Ms. Brevetti, specializing in white collar criminal defense in New York, and former top federal prosecutor, has over 25 years of experience and a proven tack record successfully defending individuals and businesses under investigation and accusation.

Ms. Brevetti also represents individuals charged with a variety of state crimes, such as, for example, assault, larceny, forgery, and fraud.

Government Regulatory Enforcement Investigations & Actions

Individuals and companies operating in regulated industries may face the threat or reality of an enforcement investigation and action brought by a state or federal governmental body. Ms. Brevetti has deep experience zealously advocating and negotiating for clients facing regulatory actions.

Complex Civil Litigation

With deft skill, insight and creativity, Ms. Brevetti has represented individuals and business entities facing complex civil matters, such as RICO, employment discrimination and sexual harassment, and contract disputes.

Evaluation of Potential or Pending Litigation

When facing the threat of litigation or if you are currently involved in actual litigation, Ms. Brevetti can be a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions, work with your current counsel, and help formulate effective strategies against your adversary.

Outside Corporate Counsel Services: Internal Investigations, Compliance, Crisis & Media Consulting

Clients retain Ms. Brevetti based upon her experience as both an outside lawyer and in-house general counsel. Internal problems often require an outside attorney to investigate, such as, allegations of FCPA violations, employment law violations, whistle blower allegations, and criminal conduct. Ms. Brevetti has conducted those allegations as outside and in-house counsel.

The best way to avoid legal problems is by establishing and enforcing effective best practices and procedures to prevent and detect potential violations of law within the company. Ms. Brevetti can help you define and implement these safeguards and make sure you are in full compliance with regulations and laws governing your business.

Also, when sudden and significant negative events strike, Ms. Brevetti has the background and experience to provide you effective crisis and media management advice.

Illustrative Prior Representations

• Lead litigation counsel representing Bank of America and Countrywide Financial Corp. with regard to D.O.J. civil investigation for alleged FHA mortgage banking fraud and claims under the Federal False Claims Act (EDNY); the negotiations and $1B settlement reached in the matter were featured in “Big Suits”, The American Lawyer (April 2012).

• Lead counsel representing registered broker-dealer and investment advisory firm under S.E.C. Enforcement investigation for possible fraud violations under Section 17(a) of the ’33 Act, Section 10(b) of the ’34 Act and Rule 10(b).

• Lead counsel representing a principal of a registered investment advisor in a D.O.J. and federal grand jury “Pay-to-Play” investigation in connection with municipal workers’ pension fund (E.D. Mich.).

• Lead litigation counsel representing several mortgage lenders, each under D.O.J. investigation for alleged FIRREA violations.

• Co-counsel representing defendant charged with insider trading in the Galleon Holdings/Rajaratam series of securities cases.

• Lead counsel representing Fortune 100 Transportation Company with respect to a NYS and NYC sales tax investigation.

• Lead counsel representing Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company in NYS Attorney General’s investigation of alleged evasion of $350 million violation of NYS taxes and False Claims Act.

• Litigation counsel advising Fortune 100 Transportation Company alleged to have misclassified workers as independent contractors.

• Lead counsel representing former NY State Senator and pension fund placement advisor in “Pay-to-Play" investigation.

• Lead counsel representing former Dep. Communications Director of former Gov. David Patterson in NYS Attorney General and Public Integrity investigations.

• Litigation counsel representing former major oil trader in NY County District Attorney and CFTC investigations for oil market manipulation.

• Successfully defended at trial a nanny from Switzerland charged with pre-meditated murder and first degree arson in Westchester County.

• Successfully defended at trial the CEO of WWE on federal charges of defrauding the FDA by distributing anabolic steroids.

• Successfully defended at trial NYC municipal union official charged with assault of city official.

Civil Matters and Internal Investigations

• Litigation counsel for South Korea’s largest construction and telecommunications corporation, and successfully won a dismissal of a civil RICO action against it in the SDNY.

• Lead litigation counsel representing a mortgage bank and mortgage servicing company sued for the wrongful death of three occupants in a fire at a foreclosed residential property.

• Conducted internal investigation on behalf of Fortune 100 Transportation Company regarding its compliance with an existing consent decree.

• Conducted internal investigation on behalf of international engineering and construction corporation regarding alleged violations of its internal policies by corporate general counsel.

• Successfully defended at trial a corporate executive sued together with the public company employer for sexual discrimination and harassment in federal court.

• Outside general counsel for the NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (1997-99).

• Various arbitrations before the nyse, NASD and FINRA.

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